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Hamburg, Germany

Project name: Aspria 

Location: Hamburg

Sector: Leisure

Client: Aspria UK

Status: Complete

Services: Architecture and planning

Type: New build

Size: 120,000 sq ft

Aspria is a U.K award-winning brand of member's clubs, with leisure facilities in Belgium, Germany and Italy. Their concept merges luxury accommodation with health and fitness amenities, including spa treatments. 

Aspria in Hamburg is one of a series of new concept sports clubs, designed by Colwyn Foulkes, which enabled their European expansion. Understanding the interplay between leisure and exercise, we designed facilities that combined these two principles of free time into one continuous experience.

To create an isolation chamber from the stresses of contemporary life, the entranceway takes the form of a copper airlock. The sleek surface and tranquil colours of the design compliment the intention of the building.

The family leisure club is situated in a prosperous suburb of Hamburg. The process of briefing and marketing to the local potential members was extensive. The concept was well liked and now several other Asprias have been built to this model in Germany, Belgium, Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

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